Tyrius Keldon (deceased)

Notorious Kindred Anathema. Clan Unknown.


Tyrius “The Silver” Keldon was a menace to Kindred society for centuries. Originally of Clan Brujah, a decade long exodus to the East in the 18th century saw him returned as a being of incredible power and cunning. His agenda, if he has one, was always shrouded in mystery and blood magic. He brought terror and diablerie wherever he went, and corrupted countless Kindred to his service.

He is noted for being responsible for the death of three Alastors. The first was his sire, Diana Mara Keldon, and the second was the famed Red Alastor, Gareth Fulbright of Clan Ventrue. The third Alastor, Melchior Gent of Clan Tremere, uprooted and nearly killed Keldon in Los Angeles, and also gained a trove of Keldon’s research into deviant blood magics and new ritual. Gent was later killed by Keldon in Bayport during the rise of the Setite methuselah, Ashurbanipal.

Keldon was defeated by Ashurbanipal and killed by Adryelle the Paragon, originally of Clan Gangrel, in 2013.

Tyrius Keldon (deceased)

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