Melchior Gent (deceased)

"Now if you'll excuse me neonate, I'm busy telling the laws of physics to shut up and sit down"


Melchior was born on the island of Corsica under a different name, later changing it when he immigrated to mainland Italy and was turned into Clan Tremere. He famously reached Alastorhood after slaying the Anathema Marion June and his diabolic creations that had been terrorizing the Tuscany countryside in 1870.

Noted for his travels, eccentric personality, and extensive insight into blood magic and the Kindred condition, he gained an impressive reputation in Europe and the United States. After leading the few Kindred of his old home of Corsica against an aspiring Sabbat diablerist there, he came to the United States in pursuit of the notorious Tyrius Keldon.

After twice failing to capture or slay Keldon, Gent pursued him to the city of Bayport. There he helped uncover a plot to resurrect the Setite Methuselah Ashurbanipal but was ultimately captured and killed during his escape by Keldon.

Melchior Gent (deceased)

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