March of the Ancients

What We Know
A discussion of the DM's world and our place in it.

Hey guys, I figure that this could be a good way of having what we know about the game organized. My intention here is not to metagame the story, but to organize in such a way that we can look over it from time to time and try to up loose ends. I’ll start off. We can add to it as we go along.

Things We Should All Know
1) The Anathema: Tyrius Keldon. Lady Adryelle has already had an encounter with him. She is also leading the hunt against him.
2) The Sabbat: They’re Sabbat. They tried to wreck us in our home but ultimately failed. They seem to be the most predictable of the lot.
3) The Hunters: The Brotherhood of the Iron Crescent. A group of well organized and equipped hunters that have recently shown up in Bayport. Sabin and Adryelle had a run in with them.

I know our characters have witnessed other things and heard other things but like I said, this isn’t for metagaming. This is a checklist, of sorts, that we can look to if we end up getting too sidetracked. If anyone wants to add anything to the list that your character knows feel free. Let’s start trying to tie up loose ends!


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