Leopold Park

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.


5’7. Slim. Dark brown hair. Always seen wearing a gray or black suit with a tie to match. A self-made man. Wealthy and somewhat vain. Doesn’t get mad, he has people to do that for him.


A self-made man. He was born into a wealthy middle class family. He attended the Bayport College to get his degree. While going to school he got a job working in import and export and immediately discovered that he had a natural aptitude for business. After graduating he started his own company, Mercury Shipping, with the help of his father’s money. Since then, Mercury Shipping has become one of the bigger seafaring shipping lines in the northeast. He is now a rather prominent figure within the Kine world, at least in Bayport.

He met Minax Tera at a fundraiser for the local mayor of Bayport. They did not speak much that night except for the usual pleasantries but they did frequently see each other at other events. Once his company became more known throughout the northeast she invited him to a meeting to discuss certain business arrangements. Minax was present and after discussing certain business arrangements she had an associate of hers, another lesser known Ventrue, embrace Leopold. Shortly after his embrace he was given a gift in the form of a Majordomo, Micheal Jacob, who was been both his bodyguard and runner of the day to day affairs of Mercury Shipping. However, he has since let go of Jacob from his service, preferring to take a more direct approach. After all, the Ventrue, if nothing else, are natural leaders.

Since being embraced, Leopold has been away from the public eye. Occasionally stopping for the usual dalliance with some Kine or another. Perhaps a local police chief this week and the mayor of Bayport next month. However, due to his ‘condition’ he is rarely seen nowadays. Preferring instead to send Jacob in his stead. Leopold is a man who desires wealth and power. In the Kine world he had both. In Kindred society however, he is but another fledgling, eager to please his superiors in order to one day take their roles.

His personal motto is

Propria Manu

By one’s own hand.

Leopold Park

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